The Africa Kingdom Business Forum

The Core Objectives

  1. Training: Provide annual scheduling of kingdom-driven training & coaching to impact 1 million Christians by 2030
    • Provide annually teaching materials and create opportunities to sensitize as least 1 million believers to the biblical concept of calling up till 2030, especially the call to the market place, as a true divine call to ministry of God’s vineyard, and not a secular call separate from ministry.
    • Provide training, counseling, networking, and partnering in the marketplace under God, to enable 1 million believers, by 2030, become excellent businesspersons and professionals who manifest strong integrity and who are able to build virile and strong businesses, that can muscle their way in today’s global economy through intensive collaboration with other market place ministries.
    • Provide quarterly training on the spiritual dynamics of the marketplace; altars, covenants and priesthood up till 2030. Spiritual conflict and warfare principles will be taught to give the know-how on winning the war in the market place.
  2. Forums: Establish supportive forums to build the capacities of 5 million Christians for kingdom advancement by 2030
    • Provide 5 distinct avenues for both national and continental interaction among Christian Professionals and Businesspersons in the marketplace by 2025.
    • Provide 5 avenues for Discipleship in kingdom orientation, mentoring, and peer encouragement for Christian Professionals and Businesspersons at all rungs of service and on all mountains of society.
    • Provide annual opportunities for African Christians in the national public space to review the spiritual and physical foundations of their lives, Professional, and business practices up till 2030. The needed kingdom principles and ethics to replace popular Babylonian standards will be provided.
    • Equip annually the Christian professional and businessperson against the intrigues of the anti-Christ as we wait the coming of our king, Jesus Christ up til 2030.
  3. Initiatives: Initiate annually, 3 kingdom advancing projects to channel accumulated capacities up til 2030
    • Provide a forum for collective execution of national and continental initiatives, not underestimating the strengths of the opposition up till 2030. To pull down the alters and demonic strongholds on ground, we require national and continental networking of professionals and business persons coupled with spirit-led warfare initiatives.
    • Drive, biannually, strong Christian advocacy projects for righteous policy implementation by teaching as well as modelling biblical righteousness and ethics in all spheres of open society and so ensure gradual but rapid transformation of our nations up till 2030.
    • Provide annual strategic prayer watch-systems and prayer networking for Christians in the marketplace all over the continent on a continuous basis up till 2030.

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