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Strategic Action Plans For The Media Mountain

Strategic Plans 2020 - 2025


The Media Mountain Aim:

To Raise Kingdom Minded Media Men and Women Who Will Reimage God as The Ultimate Communicator from the Kingdom Perspective.

Introduction/Problems in this Mountain

The Media is no doubt one of the most sensitive mountains amongst the seven mountains. This is because, people easily believe what is aired and printed as news. The problem here is not the lack of Christian media men and women, it is the lack of credible men and women who will operate from a kingdom perspective while they report and write. The media mountain has suffered from the lack of kingdom minded men and women. What we have today on this mountain are people who are struggling to maintain the status quo. The status quo of negative reporting, bias reporting, stirring dissensions and confusion through the air waves and printed materials. God wants to report through men. The mountain must be conquered by training and raising credible men and women who will consciously go into this mountain to reimage God as the ultimate and perfect communicator or reporter.