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Strategic Action Plans For The Government Mountain

Strategic Plans 2020 - 2025


The Mountain of Government Aim:

To mobilize Christian men and women into government and politics for strategic influence in order to reimage God.

Introduction/Problems in this Mountain

The bible has a clean and clear record of God leading governments through people. Joseph found of himself in one of the highest governmental position in Egypt and he represented God. Esther was the first lady in her time and she didn’t forget to represent God. Daniel and the three other Hebrew boys were men who represented God in the presidential palace of their time. God’s desire is for the church to raise men and women who will go into politics and change things to His glory. It is rather unfortunate what we have today as Christians in politics and civil service. Today, we have very corrupt Christians in government who are doing anything good other stealing and amassing wealth for themselves and families. This mountain is key to taking over the nation for God hence the below strategic action plans.