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Strategic Action Plans For The Education Mountain

Strategic Plans 2020 - 2025


The Education Mountain Aim:

To stimulate in our children from kindergarten a lifelong thirst for knowledge and learning and to encourage a pioneering, innovative and independent attitude and an aspiration to achieve success within and beyond the University walls.

Introduction/Problems in this Mountain

There is no doubt that Nigeria’s educational system is broken down. A close observation will reveal that it has been broken down for a very long time. Nigeria’s education is very narrow because of the rote system of learning. We need a system of broad learning. Education with a broad perspective of modern science, arts and etc. an engineer that had a broad learning has a lot more to draw on creativity and innovation. A broad curriculum especially one that looks at ethical philosophy, leadership, is a powerful way of shaping ethical thinking.  Our educational system has to be redesign to accommodate debates, ideas and interaction that has come through history. This includes a broad-based practical project-based learning. This means that, the church must begin to look in the direction of design thinking which a combination of analytical and creative thought as a pathway is to fixing the problem on this mountain.