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Strategic Action Plans For The Church Mountain

Strategic Plans 2020 - 2025


The Church Mountain Aim

To reinforce and establish the kingdom perspective of the Church of Christ here on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Introduction/Problems in this Mountain

The Church Mountain is a very sensitive mountain because of her role and position in bringing God’s Kingdom to the earth. God will not do anything on earth without the Church. The Church remains God’s last and only instrument in executing His end time agenda. There is no doubt that God wants to fix our problems especially here in Nigeria, but the Church is not ready as an instrument because of the existing division. Some of the Church’s problems include; tribalism, nepotism, false teachings, upside-down prosperity teachings which has resulted into slothfulness in the name of faith, denominational and doctrinal division for selfish interests etc. For Nigeria to experience God in His fullness, the Church must arise, repent of her sins, unit herself as one body of Christ and love each other as Christ loves the Church.