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Strategic Action Plans For The Art and Entertainment Mountain

Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025 PART V


The Art and Entertainment Mountain Aim:

To stimulate a culture where the society is sharpened and redirected through kingdom minded arts and entertainment.

Introduction/Problems in this Mountain

The Art and Entertainment mountain is where the youths are found. It is here the minds and thinking of Christian youths are distorted and redirected to believe the biggest lie possible. It is in this mountain the youths are taught not to believe in themselves but in the devil through the eyes of celebrities.  This is where kingdom decency is abused for what the devil has to offer. This is where kingdom language is replaced with filthy rash and foolish language. This is where modesty in dressing is replaced for nudity in the name of fashion. This is where gangsterism is promoted as a normal way of life. It is on this mountain drug abuse is introduced as a way of getting some level of boldness to do certain things. There are many things wrong on this mountain because the devil is having a full day here. The Church needs to take over this mountain. The church must begin to encourage talents amongst the youths etc.