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LoveGeist 2010: Precisely What Do Male Daters Resemble This Year?

A simple overview of the current female dater offered you the average get older and bodily description, a summary of common preferences, and a peek into exactly what 21st century women look for in somebody.

Now it’s time when it comes down to guys to make level.

Who’s the typical male dater in 2010? Let’s meet him!

A man regarding the Varieties

Making use of the same test size into the women (75,000 members), fit determined that ordinary male individual:

  • is actually 25-30 years old (24per cent).
  • Is 5’10” large (16per cent).
  • Features dark brown tresses (31per cent) and blue-eyes (40per cent).
  • Opinions their body type as average (46percent), though a lot more than one fourth (29percent) of participants mentioned these are generally nicely toned and sports.
  • Is easygoing (43per cent), but less social compared to ordinary lady (4%).
  • Is smart (53per cent have a diploma, compared to 15percent of basic male populace of UK).
  • Enjoys travel above all other pursuits, accompanied by motion pictures, talk, and eating at restaurants.
  • Almost certainly works within the that field (16%), is actually self-employed (14%), or occupies a management character (13percent).

And who’s the average man’s perfect lady? Based on multiple-choice answers, she is of typical create (86percent), has actually shoulder-length (93%), blonde (87percent) hair, is easygoing (89percent), and possesses a great love of life (80per cent).

  • It appears that Marilyn Monroe was right whenever she asserted that “men like Blondes,” though additionally they like dark colored (85per cent) and light (78per cent) brunettes. Ebony hair scored 79percent, followed closely by big girl singless with red hair at 59percent.
  • guys had a definite choice for very long locks. Shoulder-length hair came in at 93%, long hair ended up being preferred by 90percent regarding the sample, and extremely long-hair was actually well-liked by 65percent.
  • Skinny (85percent) and sports (80percent) bodies had been regarded as probably the most appealing, but do not begin starving yourselves, women – 65percent of men liked ladies holding a couple of extra pounds.
  • Males appear go along with ladies that eyes tend to be an individual’s the majority of attractive element (77percent). Additionally at the top of the attractive qualities number tend to be “look” (76percent), “a cute base” (54percent), “nice legs” (52percent), and “a pleasant stomach button” (13percent).
  • Just the right girl wants to eat out, and enjoys songs, performances, cinema, and spending some time on club.

given that we have met the typical both women and men of, we’re ready to move on to more complex topics. Next chapters of the overview, we’re going to check out the way the citizens in the UK and Ireland view online dating, romance, and really love, so we’ll meet “a variety of practical romantic, the ‘Pragmatic.'”

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