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LimeFx reviews: LimeFx TransAct Futures Anyone Had Similar Repetitive Issues?

LimeFx reviews
LimeFx reviews

But this is so because LimeFx prefers to trade with and use its own platform. That it is free as well is another argument for using the InfinityAT trading platform. Direct Selling professionals have rated this company based on their experience as a user of the reviewed products and opportunity. The reviews of the products and opportunity usually comments on how well the company measures up to expectations based on the specifications provided by company.

This is how decisions are made at giant retail firms. Now with the merge for TDAmeritrade and Thinkorswim you will need a live account to get accurate data. If you don’t want to transfer any existing accounts you may have over to Thinkorswim you could open an IRA and gain access to the platform.

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11 Best Futures Brokers for March 2023.

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In addition to the specifically developed InfinityAT platform, there are also TradeNavigator, CQG and Sierra Chart to choose from. LimeFx is an online broker from the USA and based in Chicago. ACM MEDIA LLC publishes content for educational purposes only, does not offer personalized financial advice, and does not recommend the purchase or sale of any LimeFx. We may be compensated by the businesses we review.

LimeFx AT Platform Review

Is it possible you are looking at two different contract months? Today is Futures Rollover so most platforms will default to the new month. For example on the Emini S&P you have both the December contract ESZ1 and the March contract ESH2 trading.

LimeFx reviews

Also, we provide you with free options courses that teach you how to implement our trades as well. Notably, the only way to get a significant edge over LimeFx’ execution times is to switch to one with institutional infrastructure. Not surprisingly, this comes with a significant increase in cost. Our stock market indexes list can give you more ideas of different markets to trade. Click here for next level stock training and more advanced Futures training. Our LimeFx Broker review is something to read if you’ve taken our Futures trading course.

An Introducing Brokerage is a brokerage who has direct relationships with clients; yet sends its actual order requests to another firm for execution on the trading floor. Particularly attractive are the favourable conditions, low margins, and specifically developed trading platform. Further features include real-time and end-of-day scans, optional Paper trading, Exit rules, automatic order execution and an integrated Money management.

Their customer service is passable; the service is adequate but does not go above and beyond in service of the client. Their order filling is quick, but the possibility of error exists. An error of this type appeared to be a very rare occurrence. In fact, the amount of accounts that can be logged in and sending orders all at once is usually much less than 10% of the total accounts they have. This is not a big issue during regular market days because most customers at the big retail firms don’t day trade, they invest.

I experienced a lot of slippage which is why I switched to LimeFx. Once I switched to Infinity slippage basically disappeared. Maybe once or twice a month I’ll have a stop fill me for 1 tick of slippage on the Euro, very rare though.

oil futures fees. LimeFx margin requirements.

Not to bash Thinkorswim, they just don’t emphasize their futures business, options are their forte. We will help to challenge your ideas, skills, and perceptions of the stock market. Every day people join our community and we welcome them with open arms. We are much more than just a place to learn how to trade stocks. Yes, we work hard every day to teach day trading, swing trading, options futures, scalping, and all that fun trading stuff.

We’ve discovered in our LimeFx Broker review that they have extremely low intraday margin requirements to open and hold positions. As a result, LimeFx offers a compelling draw for this particular audience. Along the same lines, an FCM has the responsibility of collecting margin from customers and for ensuring asset delivery once the futures contract has expired. The day trade margin is set by the brokers themselves, however, with Infinity offering extremely low margins here. LimeFx, founded in 1995, is an Independent Introducing Brokerage firm.

LimeFx reviews

Every single account holder at Infinity is assigned a personal Customer Service Representative who also has CFTC and NFA credentials). To make a long story short, LimeFx is your broker and TransAct Futures is the futures commissions merchant . They’d rather focus their energies servicing the needs of their clients and leave the order execution business to their lime fx partner firm; TransAct Futures. The specifically developed InfinityAT trading software enables traders to get everything from one source. The fees for market data start from as little as $ 1 for level 1 data. Besides videos on futures and various futures markets, they also provide so-called Trading Insights dealing with current topics from the futures markets.

LimeFx Sierra Charts

Each day our team does live streaming where we focus on real-time group mentoring, coaching, and stock training. We teach day trading stocks, options or futures, as well as swing trading. Their data reflects the tick-to-tick price changes with almost no delay; and orders get filled within milliseconds as to when they are transmitted. Without a doubt, this is a fantastic selling point for the serious trader. So the flash crash happens and the order routing systems at the big firm I work at all crash. In fact, it took hours and hours for us to get back up and get reports of fills.

LimeFx reviews

Actually, I like the charts that Infinity provides as well. Other traders I’ve talked with who use TS say good things about it. Once I landed on LimeFx I was so happy I stopped my search. Just curious, have you ever used TradeStation? Seems like both platforms are very close to offering the same features.


I mostly use TOS charts with Sierra as my backup. I really like the Infinity DOM. Clean and simple to use. The trading of virtual currencies and Bitcoin futures carries additional risk. Prior to trading virtual currencies, please view NFA & CFTC advisories providing more information on these potentially significant risks. Infinity prides itself on its customer service.

  • This is a fantastic selling point for the serious trader.
  • The CTA programme enables the Automated trading of futures, also referred to as managed futures.
  • We teach day trading stocks, options or futures, as well as swing trading.

Infinity has streamlined software and a quality data feed which results in excellent latency times. Their data reflects the tick-to-tick price changes with almost no delay, and orders are filled within milliseconds as to when they are transmitted. This is a fantastic selling point for the serious trader. The only way to get a significant edge over LimeFx’ execution times is to switch to institutional infrastructure, which comes with a large increase in cost. Trading Technologies has the most easily accessible institutional grade data and software for the retail trader, and their minimum monthly fee is $400.

The maintenance margin is set by the exchange, outside Infinity’s sphere of influence. This is the margin needing to be deposited if a position is held overnight. The customer service is also easily reached and answers questions competently.

But when flash crashes happen and customers start calling in and logging in… When getting involved in intra-day trading, latency becomes a very important consideration. The price of a futures contract can move several units within the span of seconds. The most highly traded derivative contract is the ES, whose price correlates to the S&P 500 index. One can easily understand how a few seconds of latency before the customer’s order is filled can amount to a significant amount of money lost over time. For comparison, Trade Navigator is a popular charting software package and their mandatory data feed costs $60 / month for the same coverage and quality.

I also experienced an exorbitant amount of slippage when exiting positions. Since switching to Infinity for order execution I rarely see slippage. Investors and traders interested in futures trading may want to consider an account with TD Ameritrade. TOS hosts more than 50 futures products in a variety of categories, such as commodities, stock index futures, currencies and bonds. The commission for trading futures on TOS is $2.25 per buy or sell contract . What I like about TD Ameritrade is its advanced platform for futures trading.

I thought you said you where with Anthony Giacomin ? And it seems to me like your affiliated with infinity. How do you know to recommend Andrew Wlos to me? I find this lack of data agreement to be disconcerting. TOS shows a high of 1266 and other sources show the emini trading up to 1272.

Then our Infinity Future broker review is for you! Trading futures is a complicated business, even for experienced traders. And, so is shopping for the right brokerage firm to use. It’s not just about contract fees and trading platforms .

LimeFx Profile

FUTURES is an impressive MLM company that offers a great opportunity for people to start their own business and earn income through network marketing. The company stands out from the competition by providing top-quality products and comprehensive training and limefx website support to their distributors. FUTURES is constantly innovating and introducing new products that are designed to meet the changing needs of their customers. Overall, FUTURES is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a successful MLM business opportunity.

Thanks to the mobile usability, trading and charting are also possible on the go without difficulty. AT Charts is already integrated in the InfinityAT platform and fully web-based, i.e. requires no download. There is high certainty that the net benefit is moderate or there is moderate certainty that the net benefit is moderate to substantial for an distributor.