The Africa Kingdom Business Forum


Our Name: The Africa Kingdom Business Forum (AKBF)
Our history: AKBF
is the creation of the Continental Leadership of the Intercessors For Africa (IFA), a continental network of national prayer networks,
represented here in Nigeria by the Intercessors For Nigeria (IFN). AKBF was founded in 1997 as a marketplace initiative for realization of God’s prophetic plans for the transformation of the nations on the African continent, by active direct engagement on all the seven influence areas or mountains of society.

Who we are: We are a network of Christian Professionals and Businesspersons, who see a transformed Africa starting with Nigeria. We see a new continent where most of its citizenry are Godfearing, morally and ethically upright men and women of integrity. We see God transferring Africa’s vast wealth into the hands of these new breed citizens, and who are transforming their nations by deploying their God-given skills, competencies, and wisdom to add value to Africa’s abundant wealth and resources to create wealth that are equitably distributed. We see as a consequence of the arising of these new citizens, a new era of socially stable, just and equitable economies arising out of Africa, beginning with Nigeria, and that become models for the rest of the world.

Our Strategy: We see our present challenging, troubled, unstable, corrupt, disease, violence and poverty ridden situations as opportunities for creating change – unprecedented but possible change. Fortunately, we see many willing professionals and businesspersons and even associations who share our values and worldview. You are one of them. We have commenced and will continue to drive networking with these individuals and bodies so as to create that critical mass of upright men and women of character, competence, capacity and daring courage, who will produce enduring change in the nations of Africa.
We have commenced and will pursue with vigor, the necessary continuous discipleship, mentoring and coaching of this critical mass. To achieve this, we have set up the AKBF Institute (AKBF-I) to achieve substantial education and training in the following areas:
• Spiritual Education
• Leadership and Management Education
• Governance and Political Education
• Economics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education.
Our training perspective shall be from the Kingdom of God and a biblical worldview. Our AKBF-I has a faculty of seasoned trainers who are based both
within and outside Nigeria. We intend to compliment the faculty with resource persons drawn from the vast abundance of capable Kingdom minded men and women in the Christian community.

Other Ongoing
Programs: Aside from our Institute, we have developed an ongoing alliance for the advancement and legalization of Christian Education in Nigeria, with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Association of Christian Schools Nigeria (ACSN), along with several other Christian Education stakeholders, towards national transformation via Christian Education. We are currently exploring every available opportunity for other networking and alliances towards influencing synergy and seeing change on every possible mountain of influence in Nigeria.

Please visit our website to see details of our executive board and other team members at: