The Africa Kingdom Business Forum


The Family Mountain

To stimulate in our children from foundation a lifelong thirst for biblical Christian values and knowledge on family, and to encourage godly attitude towards building godly homes that imparts society. Family is an institution created by God. When the love and commitment of humans to the moral and biblical covenant of family are broken, it …

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The Core Objectives

Training: Provide annual scheduling of kingdom-driven training & coaching to impact 1 million Christians by 2030 Provide annually teaching materials and create opportunities to sensitize as least 1 million believers to the biblical concept of calling up till 2030, especially the call to the market place, as a true divine call to ministry of God’s …

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The AKBF: A Quick Look

In our initial efforts at raising Businesspersons as Kingdom Resource Stewards all over the continent, it has become increasingly clear that Professionals and Resource controllers have the strongest influence in how the seven influence areas of society are run – namely Government & Politics; Finance & Economics; Education; Family; Media; Sports & Entertainment and last …

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