The Africa Kingdom Business Forum


The Africa Kingdom Business Forum Institute (AKBF-I), is the training and educational arm of the Africa Kingdom Business Forum. It is the outcome of several seminars and workshops carried out in different nations in Africa on national transformation and development by the Africa Kingdom Business Forum. African Nations continue to be in dire need of transformation which can only be accomplished by training and mentoring of professionals and businesspersons who are thirsty for specialized knowledge and skills that will help them do better in the market place as exemplary leaders.

The AKBF-I was established to train and equip these leaders who will change our nation and our continent. There is a triple alliance that must be in place for any society to function properly, and they are the Public Sector, the Private Sector and the Civil Society. As a matter of importance and urgency, Africa is in a dire need of professionals and businesspersons in the marketplace and particularly in the three sectors mentioned above hence the AKBF-I.

As one of the faith based institutions in our nation, AKBF-I is poised for educating and mentoring diverse future leaders from across Nigeria and Africa, and the world who have a determination to learn, and be equipped for their careers in order to make real impact in national transformation.

AKBF-I offers students a spiritual, energetic and nurturing learning environment with the support of a renowned faculty comprising members and dedicated academic advisors focused on training and equipping the professionals and businesspersons, who will change our nations and our world. As an institution graced and established for impact, our curriculum and courses are built and executed through five different centers as follows:
  • Center for Spiritual Education and Development (CSED)
  • Center for Leadership and Management Studies (CLMS)
  • Center for Good Governance and Development (CGGD)
  • Center for Economic, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CEIE)
  • Center for National Transformation and Development (CNTD)
The AKBF-I provides a unique learning environment to students, through the above-mentioned centers, focusing on the seven mountains or pillars of society. These Mountains are
  1. The Family Mountain
  2. The Government Mountain
  3. The Church Mountain
  4. The Economic Mountain
  5. The Media Mountain
  6. The Education Mountain and
  7. The Arts and Entertainment Mountain.
To be A world class Training Institution, transforming individuals for national development.
To create Training and Learning environments for excellent, practical and affordable spiritual, professional, and academic education that prepares individuals for national transformation via interactive learning and field work experience.
The AKBF-I Faculty is the governing body and is responsible for the educational mission and fiscal policies of the institute. The Faculty reports to the AKBF Board of Trustees.
The Rector of AKBF-I is the official head of the Institute, responsible for Supervising all its academic, administrative and financial operations. The Rector reports to the AKBF-I Faculty.
The Registrar is the Chief Records keeper and is responsible for direct Administration of all admission, as well as academic records of the Institute. The Registrar reports to the Rector.