The Africa Kingdom Business Forum


The AKBF is a Platform for raising Ethically minded and Value Oriented Professionals and Business Persons for Transforming the Nations of Africa.


The Africa Kingdom Business Forum (AKBF) was formally established in 2003 by the leadership of Intercessors for Africa (IFA) also known as Africa House of Prayer (AHOP). However, its true origins actually date back to 1997, where some leaders of IFA were invited to speak at the inaugural All Africa Prayer Convocation, held in Addis Ababa Ethiopia in 1997. It was there, while preparing messages for this conference, that the Lord revealed to them, that for Africa to find its true place in His purposes, the Lordship of Jesus Christ has to be brought into the African Marketplace which has uninhibited dominance by the powers of darkness. To achieve this, there is need for a major shift by the Church in Africa, which neither recognizes nor empowers believers operating in the African marketplace as ministers outside the sanctuary.

The Africa Kingdom Business Forum (AKBF) was therefore initially conceived as a business initiative aimed at providing an interactive, business opportunity, networking and training forum for raising Kingdom-minded Christian businesspersons as resource stewards within the African content.

Over the past few years as we reviewed the distressing outcomes of the over 200 years of modern day missions within the African continent wherein despite significant impressive statistics of having Africa being eighty percent Christians South of the Sahara by the end of the 19th century and being the most evangelized continent in the world, we observed that the narrative all over was the same: poverty, disease, violence, corruption, injustice and chaos within Africa.  This devastation we understood as the fruit of preaching salvation alone, without the rest of the Biblical message.

In our initial efforts at raising Businesspersons as Kingdom Resource Stewards all over the continent, it has become increasingly clear that Professionals and Resource controllers have the strongest influence in how the seven influence areas of society are run – namely Government & Politics; Finance & Economics; Education; Family; Media; Sports & Entertainment and last but not the least Religion i.e. the Church.

It has therefore become evident that AKBF needs to broaden its vision and mission from merely raising Kingdom minded Businesspersons as Resource Stewards for the nations of Africa, to becoming an institution that serves as a roundtable for Business persons as well as Professionals, who have a kingdom of God worldview, to interact for providing transformation across the seven mountains of society in African nations. We are therefore repositioning ourselves with the following new vision and mission statements:


The advent of Christianity in Africa did not equip the church in Africa with sufficient spiritual know-how to deal with these problems. Someone has actually stated that Africa received an “incomplete gospel’ from the missionaries who came from Europe. It seems we have compounded it now with the proliferation of a damnable “another gospel” There is need for the raising of an indigenous company of African professionals and business persons from all over Africa and the Diaspora to this stewardship and management of the resources of Africa for the establishment of God’s kingdom on all mountains of influence of nations of Africa.

This company will need to receive from God divine initiatives and strategies for the execution of these prophetic words and promises at both national and continental levels. The Lord seeks to release the resources of Africa to this company who will be like men of Issachar in the days of David. These stewards will influence the emergence of a new righteous governmental leadership that God will simultaneously raise strategically all over the continent.

These agents of this end time harvest will thus receive the ancient facilities that Africa has always provided for the other previous agents of redemption (protection, provision, resources and blessing). The Africa kingdom Business Forum (AKBF) seeks for facilitate this urgent prophetic agenda.

The Church Mountain

To reinforce and establish the kingdom perspective of the Church of Christ here on Earth as it is in Heaven.

The Family Mountain

To stimulate in our children from foundation a lifelong thirst for biblical Christian values and knowledge on family.

The Education Mountain

To stimulate in our children from kindergarten a lifelong thirst for knowledge and learning, and to encourage innovative attitude

The Government Mountain

To mobilize Christian men and women into government and politics for strategic influence in order to reimage God.