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4 Reasons You Should Hire a Bookkeeper

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They can suggest ways businesses can improve their cash flow and save money on taxes. This is crucial for small business owners looking to stay financially stable. One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing bookkeeping is that it frees up valuable time and resources for your finance team. Managing the financial aspects of a business can be complex and time-consuming.

To ask us a question or to make an appointment about why you should hire a bookkeeper, please contact us today at Even though you don’t need to send in original receipts when you file your taxes, if the CRA wants to see proof of a claim and you can’t find it, you can’t claim it. There’s a lot to know when it comes to expenses and what you can claim. And missing a deduction means paying more in taxes than you need to. And if you want to sell your business, good financial records demonstrate the value of your business to prospective buyers. You will have an easier time securing capital when you are able to clearly outline past performance.

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Banks and other lenders need to be assured that you have solid history and a good handle on your business’ finances. If you’re already enrolled in an existing COVID-19 program, we expect the CRA will increase their audit activity in the coming months due to the demand for financial assistance programs. You should have peace of mind knowing that if the CRA comes calling, you won’t have to worry about getting your books organized and proving your compliance with program guidelines. Bookkeepers must have numerical literacy as well as computer literacy. In fact, numerical literacy may be just as important as computer literacy for bookkeepers. Because bookkeepers need to have extensive attention to detail, numerical literacy is critical for budgeting and forecasting expenses and income.

Virtual Bookkeeping Helps Unlock Your Full Potential

This means that other aspects of the business will suffer, time will be wasted, and you’ll find yourself scratching your head and wondering where you went wrong. Bring in the pros however, means that you can play up to your strengths and stay away from things you don’t understand. This means that you have more time on your hands to run the company, plus it also means that you can prioritize tasks and spend more time on them. You pay these experts to get your accounts and books in order and that is exactly what they do. You can then relax, sit back, and focus on running your business without having to worry about getting your books in order and appeasing the IRS.

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But when you have accurate information about your expenses and income, it’s much easier to manage cash flow. As a small business owner, I’m sure you know that keeping a close eye on your cash flow is essential to running a successful business. When you track your financial transactions, you’ll be able to create accurate financial statements. So, let’s dive in and explore the 7 awesome benefits of bookkeeping for small business owners. Hiring someone for bookkeeping provides you more benefits than you’d think, including less stress! For accurate, analytical bookkeeping, call DCA CPAs for more information.

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The best perk of investing in a bookkeeper from Harvest is that it takes the stress off your back so you can get back to running your company which is what’s most important. Virtual Assistants 7 Ways A Bookkeeper Can Save You Money Bookkeeping is crucial, but you don’t have to do it yourself. Learn the benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping, including savings, accuracy, and more. Virtual Assistants 3 Ways To Stay On Top of Your Bookkeeping Bookkeeping is a challenge for many business owners. Learn how you can catch up on your company’s bookkeeping and make it stay that way.

  • Below are ways a qualified CPA can help you better run your business.
  • You will have an easier time securing capital when you are able to clearly outline past performance.
  • Whether you need help with invoicing, payroll or reporting, a bookkeeper can provide the tools and support necessary to complete these tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Although there are many benefits to using a bookkeeping service, this article will discuss six important reasons why your organization can benefit from it.

You can outsource your bookkeeping duties to a company that will set up and train a dedicated team for you and covers all of the expenses needed for their work. These resources include computers with accounting software, VoIPs for billing reminders, and the office space where they will work. Bookkeepers also know how to analyze financial information and provide investment advice.

Bookkeepers Keep a Tight Schedule

While a business owner can – of course – choose to manage many of the tasks a bookkeeper does, it often takes too many hours that you could otherwise dedicate to strategic plans and relationship-building. Bookkeeping is a critical aspect of financial management for small businesses. By using our website and service, you are explicitly accepting our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Data Processing Addendum. We’ll form your company, get your EIN, and help you open your business bank account.

  • The right bookkeeping services will not help to maintain accurate records, but will be a major factor in the growth of the company, helping it to meet and exceed business goals and objectives.
  • Managing employees, keeping track of inventory, and doing other tasks can take up a lot of time.
  • You’ll have no idea why you barely have enough money to operate your business, and you won’t know where the money went.
  • Michelle Strait is a professional writer with over five years of experience.
  • Often, businesses hire an in-house bookkeeper and outsource CPA services to address more complex financial matters.

You can also ask friends or colleagues for recommendations as well. When you’re ready to hire a bookkeeper, be sure they have all the skills you’re looking for. QuickBooks keeps track of the taxes that you have paid in, as well as tracking payroll taxes. Either way, it is crucial that it is entrusted in the hands of professionals who will ensure that the objectives of the business are being met with their expertise in bookkeeping.

They will ensure that you do not pay the government more than you have to and ultimately these savings overtime will wind up being quite significant and you’ll wish you’d hired them sooner. Many small business owners do not see accountant and bookkeeping services as purchases at all, they actually view them as business investments. Focus on Running the BusinessWe’ve all heard horror stories of business owners taking on too many responsibilities to try to save money and winding up making things ten times worse. Well, the last thing we want is for that to happen to you, which is why it’s important that you consider hiring accountant and bookkeeping professionals to handle the financial side of things. If you have been juggling the responsibility of running a business and handling the accounts, eventually something will have to give. If you’re too busy focussing on your books and accounts, you can’t focus on running the business and playing up to your strengths.

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These services can also provide an expert review of financial reports and CPA consultations so that you’re ready to tackle the tax season without much stress. Improve Problem-SolvingWhen running a business, you need to get your head around the fact that things will go wrong, and problems will arise. We don’t know when, and neither will you, but they will arise and will make things hard. Many people for example, fail to keep their books up to date and they then wonder why, several months down the line, they’ve managed to miss off such a crucial piece of info from months back. Having professionals handle your books and your finances on a regular basis means that, if any potential problems do arise, they can be taken care of much sooner, rather than later. You didn’t become a small business owner to also moonlight as a monthly bookkeeper.

With that knowledge, I made some tweaks that ultimately made me much more profitable. When I started my small business, there was so much to keep up with, and I’ll admit that I let the bookkeeping fall by the wayside. But, when I finally took the time to organize my financial records, it completely changed the game. If you’re worried about audit activity, good bookkeeping is your best defense. Without proper records to support your income tax return or GST/HST return, non-income items can be taxed as income and legitimate expenses may be disallowed, among other problems.

Whether it’s real humans or software, your small business bookkeeping solution should give total peace of mind (and tidy books—but that’s a given). That means availability, clear communication, and high-security standards. You get a dedicated team of bookkeepers to do your books each month who work in-house at our headquarters. And when it comes to security, Bench uses the same level of encryption as online banks and shopping.

By organizing your accounting records and generating financial reports with just a few clicks, you can quickly get an overview of your business’s financial health. It helps us streamline our financial processes, reduce errors, and improve our overall workflow. With bookkeeping, you’ll have access to financial reporting showing how much your business has earned and spent. You spend hours and hours each month on bookkeeping and other financial tasks. Since it’s so time-consuming and tedious, you always leave it at the bottom of your list. Then when the tax filing deadline creeps up on you, you waste valuable time scrambling to catch up.


By keeping accurate records of your income and expenses, they can ensure that you take advantage of all the deductions and credits you are entitled to. Tax season is hard enough on your own, but it’s even harder if your books are not up to date. Having a bookkeeper on your team can help alleviate some of the tax season stress in your business as they can help you prepare for tax season. Bookkeepers can help your business with tax preparation so that when it is time to file your taxes, your accountant will have everything they need in order and ready to go. And frankly, you’re sick of staring at spreadsheets or teaching yourself how to use accounting software.

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By what is internal control in accounting good and accurate records, you make it easier for lenders to make decisions about your business. Working with an online bookkeeping company will take all of this stress away. All of your transactions, whether digital or cash, will be logged accurately through the accounting software they use.

If you can’t provide substantial documentation for an audit, then you may be required to pay additional taxes and penalty fees. Once you have a detailed recording and a better overview of the company’s accounts, it is much easier toplan and predict the future. When you are confident in your data, you can solve issues quickly and you can grab any opportunities that present themselves, without having to fear miscalculations in the accessible data. Thanks to the overview of profit and loss evolutions in the balance sheet, you will be able to know exactly what to do and how much time you have to do it. Whether overseeing commercial real estate or compiling and safeguarding data, CPAs are uniquely equipped to manage your company’s assets. With what you must do daily to move your business forward, it’s next to impossible to keep up to date on everything yourself.