The Africa Kingdom Business Forum


Raising Leaders. . .Changing Our World.

Equipping professionals and Business People to Lead The Nation


The Africa Kingdom Business Forum Institute (AKBF-I), is the training and educational arm of the AKBF.


Establish supportive forums to build the capacities of 5 million Christians for kingdom advancement by 2030


Initiate annually, 3 kingdom advancing projects to channel accumulated capacities up till 2030

* are compulsory

To reinforce and establish the kingdom perspective of the Church of Christ here on Earth as it is in Heaven.


To mobilize Christian men and women into government and politics for strategic influence in order to reimage God.

Media Mountain

To Raise Kingdom Minded Media Men and Women Who Will Reimage God as The Ultimate Communicator from the Kingdom Perspective.

Media Mountain 2

To stimulate a culture where the society is sharpened and redirected through kingdom minded arts and entertainment.


To stimulate in our children from kindergarten a lifelong thirst for knowledge and learning and to encourage innovative and independent attitude


To Stimulate a Common Wealth Kingdom Economic Mindset Where Men and Women Will Commit Themselves to Do Business as Mission Living For One Another.

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